Were the Dallas Mavs haunted during the playoffs?

Dallas has been known to have great sports teams and their basketball team is one of the best.  But what happened this year?  Dallas seemed to have all of the right players but for some reason they were spooked during the playoffs.  Could it be true that a ghost or spirit was behind this?  All of the right players and a loss to a team no other than Houston Rockets.  Don’t get me wrong, the Houston Rockets are good but they are not playoff good.  They beat the Mavs 4-1 and it was a horror.

Dallas Mavs Haunted

Were the Dallas Mavs Haunted during the Playoffs?

The Mavs fans had no clue what to believe.  The public then grew more aware that maybe the Dallas paranormal scene had something to do with it.  The presence was felt early on by the former PG on the Dallas Mavericks, Rajon Rondo.  He was so terrified that he could no longer compete in the sport of basketball.  Everyone wrote this act off as his attitude but they failed to see that this stems directly from a ghost-related incident.  It was rumored that Rajon Rondo had a ghost sighting in the locker room during game one.  It was said to be an omen from his past.  No one understands that Rajon Rondo actually really cared for the Mavs but after this Dallas paranormal incident he could no longer show his face.

After Rondo was cut from the team for obtrusive behavior they faced the last bit of their season at a man down.  The old history of Texas says that a man at the end will believe in anything.  The Dallas Mavs believed in a long shot victory and the played very valiantly, the only problem was that the Houston Rockets played better.  However, it was seen that Harden was speaking in some strange tongues on the sideline when Jason Garrett was sitting next to him.  Was it some strange ritual or just strange behavior?  The ghost mysteries of the playoffs may go unsolved.  But the extraordinary occurrences will leave us forever wondering.


Phantom Seekers are hunting ghosts in Dallas

The Phantom Seekers team has arrived in Dallas, TX for a couple weeks now.  So what have they been up to?  Well they have been cruising around town and getting well acquainted with the life that is all around them.  Now I bet you are asking yourself why is a ghost hunting team spending so much time with the living shouldn’t they be tracking down spirits?  The Phantom Seekers have said that they find better progress when they truly get a great understanding of the heritage and culture of where they are.  The past has so much to do with what is going on around us and even the future.

What does Dallas have to offer? Many things from arts to parks there is always some place to go.  They also have an abundance of cemeteries which is a very easy place to come across spirits.  The presence at these locations are very abundant and diverse.  In terms of hobbies or places to go there are also very many sports venues where people can go to watch a great game.  The schools and universities in Dallas also make it a prime location to start your life for your kids.  The downtown is what some say the best part and the soul of Dallas.  The buildings extend high in the air and life bustles all the way into the evening.

Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX

As beautiful as this urban landscape is something dark lurks within it.  Cloaked and unseen the history of this city has added to its mystery.  What transpired to bring such entities and why have they not left this location in so many years.  The Phantom Seekers want to know the same thing, they are no stranger to the Dallas paranormal stories that have been traveling all over the country.  So we stand by eagerly, waiting for the Phantom Seekers to place their roots.